Problems Of Buying Books At Delgado Community College

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At Delgado Community College, there are numerous issues that occur every year, but the common issue is books. The issue are the books are always out of stock. Students that are enrolled at Delgado Community College must buy books for their classes in order to be prepared for their classes. In addition, classes that are online have books that come with an access code. An access code gives access to the online assignments for class. When it comes to buying books from the bookstore, it is always a problem. You have to buy your books brand new, but there are never any books in stock. Books that are used does not come with an access code because the previous owner used the access code for a class. The bookstore is also overcrowded with students, and there are always a long line of students waiting to get books on the first week of school. …show more content…

And students are forced to either wait for the books to be restocked ,or purchase their books online. when it comes to purchasing a book online is sometimes you can't find the right book you need, but if students are able to find the book, then students would have to wait another week to receive their books. Students that go through this problem in college are being affected by their schoolwork, and students fall behind on class assignments, homework, and study plans. This problem causes students to get a zero on all assignments, and there are projects that come from the book that are due in

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