Problems Of The Veterans Administration

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Problems of the Veterans Administration The Department of Veterans Administration of better known as the Veterans Affairs, (VA), was created on March 15, 1989 by President Herbert Hoover after he signed Executive Order 5398, and elevated the Veterans Bureau to a federal administration, and now operates the country’s largest health care system. With over 1,400 hospitals, the VA is responsible for giving federal benefits to veterans and their family. They also, judging by your physical and mental abilities, see if you can handle being out in the social life and or able to even get out of the hospital until the veteran they are talking about and judging in a little room full of doctors and government executives, improves or shows signs…show more content…
Veterans Administration is a bad thing around america, because the veterans are being treated like crap and don 't get enough attention that they need.

The government is very affected by this amount of money and time are spent on these veterans that have a disability and are risking the lives of the veterans and the doctors and nurses that are treating the veterans that have a disability because what if they snap and go on a rampage. The doctors are pretty much useless unless the doctors know what to do with the raging veteran/veterans. There are countless veterans that are homeless across the country of the United States of America. On any given night, over 300,000 veterans are homeless and on the streets and more than one third of the homeless adults are veterans that once served in the army or any other branch of the military. Did you know that the risk of women veterans becoming homeless of four times greater than the male veterans going bankrupt and homeless or another cause of being homeless? The president’s budget for the Veterans Affairs/Veterans Administration is around sixty one point eighty five billion dollars, yet with all this kinds of money, the Veterans Affairs barely helps out any of the veterans that need the help and need the medicine that keeps
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