Problems Related to Climate Change Essay examples

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Climate change has been a topic of concern for humanity over the past two decades. In my opinion, it is the best example of the consequences of our actions on our planet. Most countries have taken some efforts and precautions to save the Earth from experiencing further damage. Decline of forests and global warming has affected our lives in more ways than one and in the future, the Earth and its inhabitants might see a more crucial period in their lives, if we neglect this issue. At this point in time, preventing further climate changes is the most important precaution, in my opinion. Unlike events like war, terrorism, and recession, which have direct impacts on the human population, climate change is an indirect consequence of our actions. …show more content…
When trees and plants are cut down, more and more carbon dioxide lingers to the atmospheric air. Thus, deforestation contributes to the increasing carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is a major component of the greenhouse gases and greenhouse gases are responsible for increasing earth’s atmospheric temperature. Global temperatures have risen by 0.74 in the last century with 0.55oC rise being observed in the last 30 years (Mertz et al., 2006). Hence an excess of carbon dioxide gets trapped in the air, it indirectly causes glaciers and polar icescapes to melt down. This, in turn, results in an increase in the sea levels, which can be fatal to the earth’s landscape. The rising sea levels have been noticed in the American state of Florida, European cities of Amsterdam and Venice. ( natgeo ). The varying patterns of precipitation also affect agriculture.
The increase in carbon dioxide levels and temperature affects the production of crops like rice, wheat, and corn. According to the studies conducted by Easterling and Apps (2005), the percentage of yield for corn and wheat will decrease by 7% with every 1oC rise in temperature. Rice yields will decrease by 17% with every 4oC rise in temperature. Soil erosion due to deforestation and atmospheric pollution from industries and vehicles also affect the yield of cultivation. Extreme weather also threatens the cultivation of crops. Unusual precipitation can damage yield. All these

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