Problems, Solutions, and Future of Law Enforcement Intelligence

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The use of intelligence within law enforcement intelligence agencies is not always perfect. There may be a way to safeguard against the misuse of intelligence processes to assure proper use it at all times, but it has not yet been discovered. The only way that agencies can try and control the misuse of intelligence is to study the historical failures of the past.
It is of most important to protect United States citizens’ right to the freedom of speech. For the average American it is hard to understand why the government does not viciously target extremist groups like the Ku Klux Klan or the American Nazi Party; but it is necessary to
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There is confusion over these topics which brings the necessity to revisit the basic elements of intelligence that Intelligence is a specialization, is critical, is measurable, seldom seeks publicity, targets organized crime problems that are often ignored by other, and require attention to detail.
Many times intelligence can be lost due to hasty deadlines or lack of analyst present. Valuable information on police reports must be processed in order to maintain and file away for possible future use, or many times information is passed over phone lines and then not recorded on paper are only a couple of mistakes that can be made when trying to push to meet a deadline. The analyst must have time to go over every detail in order to draw a final conclusion and build the best intelligence product.
Another example of a loss of intelligence is most greatly seen in the drug wars. The cartels have a great amount of money, which is sometimes overwhelming to some police officers that are willing to look the other way for a price. There is no way to totally avoid the bait that the wealthy cartels can use to try and find law enforcement officials that will help them out, but through education and morality training the police officer has a chance.
When the wrong person gains intelligence information than many lives are put at risk. Covert
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