Problems With A Hard Disk Drive Space Essay

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If you have been online for any length of time you have run into a few basic computer problems. If you are like me you do a search on your favorite search engine for the solution to the problem. This article gives you some simple fixes to common problems computer users run into online. Problem #1 One problem I run into often is that my computer will occasionally start to run really slow. There are many reasons this may occur including a hard disk drive which is running short on available disk space, bad files left from software programs that have been installed or uninstalled, corrupt data, missing Windows updates or outdated drivers, a computer that is overheating because of a problem with the fan, corrupt OS, or simply bad Hardware. The solution to a slow running computer is based on which of the above reasons can be attributed to the problem. To free up hard disk drive space you can take a few steps to free up space. You should have between 200 and 500MB of free hard disk drive space on your computer to accommodate swap files and temporary files. To free up space run "Disk Cleanup", uninstall old programs or games that you no longer use. If you are running Windows XP or Vista you can disable System Restore, disable hibernation or delete temporary files. Running Scandisk can insure that there is nothing physically wrong with the hard disk drive and running Defrag will make sure that the data is arranged in the best possible order. You may also want to update any

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