Problems With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

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Background Information
V.B. is in fifth grade at F. Elementary School. Based on upon a review of records, V.B. is currently functioning below grade level in both reading and math. She is not eligible for free/reduced lunch. Her individualized education program includes consultant teacher services and resource room support, along with psychological counseling services. V.B. is an English New Language (ENL) student. Moreover, she is diagnosed with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), however, she does not take any medications at this time.

According to V.B’s fifth-grade teachers, she reportedly takes more time than the average fifth grader to adjust to the school’s schedule and each classroom teachers’ routines. In addition, V.B’s teachers notice that she finds making new friends difficult and she often uses negative behaviors (i.e., whining, throwing papers or utensils on the floor, stomping her feet, banging fists on the desk, laying herself on the desk/table) to obtain attention from adults and peers.

Problem Identification
A variety of assessment methods were used in order to obtain important information regarding V.B. These assessment methods included a review of records, interviews with teachers, and observations. Per teacher report, V.B. lacks appropriate social skills to interact with her peers at recess. V.B. has been observed tattling and inappropriately touching other kids (i.e., hitting). It is believed that V.B. engages in these behaviors to seek
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