Problems With Domestic Violence

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Domestic violence is very delicate topic when considering its relationship with child development. Children who are present within a family experiencing domestic violence are likely to experience problem integrating as they grow up and are probable to be significantly affected as a result of seeing one of their tutors being aggressed. Many children who see domestic violence happening in their homes typically believe that they are the reason for differences between their parents. In addition to this, these individuals are exposed to becoming victims of child abuse and constantly live in a state of fear. In order to understand how domestic violence affects children, one needs to gain a more complex comprehension of the idea of domestic violence. A common definition of domestic violence is any episode of threatening behavior, aggression or abuse between two grown individuals who are in a relationship or who are members of the same family, with no regard to their gender or sexuality (Sterne & Poole 3). While seeing domestic violence happening can be traumatic even for an adult, matters are much more troubling when considering a child's perspective. Domestic violence is much more common than some might be inclined to believe and most schools are probable to have children who have seen it happen at home. "For many, home is a stressful, unpredictable place; the family is a source of conflict and some children live in an almost constant state of fear about the next violent
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