Problems With NAFTA

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The growth in Agriculture was one of main issues and objectives when this agreement was about to be signed by the country representatives. Mexican President Carlos Salinas opened his campaign by proposing an improvement in the Mexican economy, by opening the Mexican economy to greater foreign investment and competition with foreign goods (Richard 1031). This plan eventually became successful since Mexico now is open to foreign investment thanks to NAFTA. The North American Trade Agreement help improve the agriculture relationship between Mexico and other countries (especially the United States). It is quite clear that NAFTA helped President Carlos Salinas’s objective to improve the Mexican economy. For example, “Since 1994, U.S. maize exports to Mexico have increased nearly 20-fold according to the U.S. Department…show more content…
Maize producers have been able to gain good money thanking the private institutions. Another example, Maize producers from Mexico have been gaining profit from Mexico’s three most important beer brands—Modelo, Pacifico, and Corona which are now own by an American industry called Anheuser-Busch InBev (Richard 1031). In total, 40% of Mexican food production is now imported (Richard 1031). In addition, during the signing of this trade agreement, the “Architects of NAFTA” (Richard 1032) view this opportunity as a “comparative advantage for Mexican agribusiness in providing fresh fruits and vegetables to U.S. and Canadian consumers during the winter months when prices were high and supplies low” (Richard 1032). Thanking, NAFTA Mexican’s exportation of fresh fruits and vegetables have been increasing, making Mexico an important role in NAFTA agriculture. This important role has made both the U.S and Canada have important roles in NAFTA investment or
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