Problems With Patient Safety Goals

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Patient Safety Goals Ashley N. Coates Mrs. Martin Fundamentals of Nursing 19 November 2015 Abstract Mistakes are made in the healthcare field every day and there are a few ways that this can be prevented. We are going to discuss different ways to decrease the chances of errors for the safety of our patients. Every facility has or should have, somewhere in the building, a copy of the national patient safety goals and it is important that you know what they are and where to find them. As we navigate through the goals that are to be discussed, we will touch on a few that are very important from reducing the risk of healthcare associated infections to improving the accuracy of resident identification. With all this in mind we …show more content…

Two goals that are in place are risk of healthcare associated infections and improving the accuracy of resident identification. If nursing staff take a portion of their time each shift to make sure that these simple tasks are completed thoroughly; they can eliminate errors in the medical field. (Joint Commission, n.d.) Reducing the risk of healthcare associated infections can be implemented a few different ways. One way of prevention is proper hand hygiene. By setting this goal to improve the compliance of hand hygiene, employees will ensure a lower percent of healthcare associated infections. This not only reduces the risk for infections but it ultimately reduces the risk of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. (May 5: Hand Hygiene Day, 2014) “About 2 million people in the United States obtain infections that are resistant to antibiotics and over 22,000 people die from these infections every year” (May 5: Hand Hygiene Day, 2014). Hand hygiene isn’t just about washing your hands; there are important precise steps to follow. The Joint Commission has issued specific guidelines to follow when performing hand hygiene and require organizations to comply with the guidelines to remain accredited. (Joint Commission, n.d.) Many aspects of hand hygiene being monitored are for example when to wash, how long to wash for, which cleaning agents to use, when it is appropriate to use disposable gloves, and whether or not it is acceptable to wear

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