Problems With Sexual Health And Substance Abuse

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Problems with sexual health and substance abuse are prevalent in the New York City area. ). “Reproductive and sexual health covers a broad range of health needs from adolescence forward, including the reproductive system, sexually transmitted diseases, HIV, and fertility. Untreated STDs can lead to serious long-term health consequences” (Healthy people 2020, 2015. An estimated 19 million new cases of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are diagnosed each year in the United States; almost half of them among young people ages 15 to 24 (Reproductive and Sexual Health, 2015). New York is a city of many cultures; it is difficult to understand how each culture perceives sexual health and sexually transmitted diseases. One thing that I have noticed is that when topics like sexual health or sexually transmitted disease arise, people in general are hesitant to talk about it. This is why I have decided to explore this topic. When I was young I never had “the talk”, it was mainly at school at my health class or from classmates that I learned about STD’s and sexual health. I must share that even after becoming a nurse, I feel hesitant to ask people about their sexual health practices. Statistics have shown that HIV/AIDS and STDs kill millions of people worldwide. It is estimated that in the United States alone 1 out 5 people living with HIV/AIDS do not know they have it. Unfortunately, the adolescent group is one of the most affected by HIV/AIDS, and STDs because of the lack of

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