Problems With Technology During The Classroom

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Problems with technology in the classroom Technology is great when it works. Occasionally there are technical issues that interrupt the flow of the lesson. Teachers need to be prepared with back-up plans for when technology doesn’t work properly. Technology is also always changing and evolving. Teachers need to constantly be up to date with the newest and most modern piece of technology. In service training is necessary for all teachers. However, many schools have funding issues which impact teacher learning in the classroom. While some schools provide technology such as chrome books to all students for the students get ahead, some schools struggle to fund computers. The chrome book initiative ensures every student receives a chrome book to take home and keep with them for all of middle and high school. Some schools however, lack technology which puts low income students at a disadvantage. On the other side of the spectrum, some students are even more technologically savvy than their teachers. This is problematic because it puts teachers at a disadvantage when the teacher is trying to compete with the latest and coolest app on the market. Some students sent text messages to friends, change their Facebook status, or check their e-mail during valuable class time. It is the students’ love of technology that takes him/her away from their school work both at home during class. Technology today must be incorporated into the classroom in order to keep up with learning in today’s
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