Problems With The Health Insurance

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In America we have many problems that society may view as harmful or problems that need a remedy to fix, there problems are called a social problem. Social problems can range from school problems to drug problems. Each person in America can have their own opinion of what a social problem is to them. Just like with time, social problems will change, some will come and some will go. So, for right now in time one of the biggest social problems I can see in America is the healthcare. There are many problems with the health insurance in America. According to our books in America some of the biggest problems are: Medicare, Medicaid, Military Healthcare, Workers’ Compensation, Complemtary, and Alternative Medicine. The book states that there are …show more content…
(Rovner, 2014) Medicaid is also seeing many problems within its program. The Medicaid program is jointly funded by state and federal governments. Medicaid money comes from tax payers as well. Medicaid is for low income people and people with significant disabilities. A problem with Medicaid is most of the funding goes into long term care. 57% to be exact goes into institutional care such as nursing home care. Waiting list for Medicaid benefits are extremely high. Because of the recession many people are unable to get Medicaid simply because the states cannot afford to pay for it. (The Arc, 2016) Then there is the Military Healthcare, or VA insurance. This type of insurance is for retired or enlisted branches of the Military personal and their families. All VA facilities are owned and ran by the federal government. One of the biggest problems with VA insurance is, there order of who is in need first. Not every disabled vet will be able to get this insurance. The federal government goes by who is most in need to least in need. Another big problem is all the men and women coming out of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars with disabilities. The VA are just very overburden right now because of all the changes from the Affordable Healthcare Act. These last few problems I have discussed have been mainly about the health insurances many Americans have, the next one I will be discussing is a type of insurance a work place has to have for their employees.

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