Problems and Prospect Business Education in Nigeria Colleges of Education

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Semantic Modeling in Accounting Education, Practice, and Research: Some Progress and Impediments by William E. McCarthy, Arthur Andersen Alumni Professor Department of Accounting, Michigan State University ____________________________________________________________ _ Published in: Conceptual Modeling: Current Issues and Future Directions, Editors: P. P. Chen, J. Akoka, H Kangassalo, and B. Thalheim. Springer Verlag, Berlin and Heidelberg, 1999, pp. 144-53. All of the judgments of past, ongoing, and future research projects and of the ultimate viability of Entity-Relationship and REA commercial implementations in accounting represent the informed conclusions of the author alone Semantic Modeling in Accounting…show more content…
The REA accounting model has had to battle these challenges, and its progress has certainly suffered as a result. However, the recent emergence of certain trends in accounting education and practice (such as holistic curriculum changes in education and widespread acceptance of re-engineered and enterprise-wide accounting systems in practice) has made measurable progress possible again in the late 1990s. Additionally, as acknowledged early on by REA advocates, technological progressions like faster processing and cheaper storage, and conceptual innovations like systems whose semantics are embedded within their basic constructs (like objects) had to become widely available before REA-based implementations could become realistic goals. This paper will explore both the REA successes in education, practice, and research and the REA impediments. More generally, the paper will discuss the difficulties that any new semantic theory must face when it clashes with an existing paradigm of thinking that is based on a different view (oriented toward paper and hand calculation) of the world. Challenging that traditional view directly is not always a good strategy, and the paper will discuss instances where such frontal challenges are bound to fail. In a greater context, these are challenges and inevitable failures probably faced in
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