Problems and Prospect of Marketing Petroleum in Nigeria

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PROBLEMS AND PROSPECT OF MARKETING PETROLEUM PRODUCT IN NIGERIA: CASE STUDY OF NIGERIAN NATIONAL PETROLEUM CORPORATION (NNPC) BY ADEKEYE ADEDAMOLA OLUWABUSAYO MATRIC NO: 06/66MC020 A RESEARCH PROJECT SUBMITED TO THE DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, FACULTY OF BUSINESS AND SOCIAL SCIENCES, UNIVERSITYOF ILORIN,NIGERIA.IN PARTIAL FUFILMENT OF THE AWARD IN B.SC (HONS) JUNE 2010 CERTIFICATION This research work entitled “problem and prospects of marketing petroleum product in Nigeria: A case study of NNPC” has been read and approved as meeting the requirement of the department of business administration university of Ilorin for the award of B.Sc (Hons). ……………………………… …………………….. Mr. I. B. KADIRI Date Project…show more content…
Moreover the use of questionnaire was employed for the research methodology, which serves as a source of information needed in order to carry out our research properly. Thus the findings here are to further investigate into the problems and prospect of marketing and distribution of petroleum product in Nigeria, it is our believes that the report of our findings will serve as a guide to Nigerian in obtaining utility from the purchase of petroleum product and ensuring availability of the product at all time, it will also stimulate other researcher with the attempt in finding out more specialized work in the area of distribution pattern and management especially in the marketing aspect of the organization and to the county at large. TABLE OF CONTENTS PAGE TITLE I CERTIFICATION II DEDICATION III ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS IV ABSTRACT VI TABLE OF CONTENTS VIII CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1. Background to the Study 1 2. Statement of the research problem 9 3. Objective of the study 10 4. Hypothesis 11 5. Research question 11 6. Significance of the study 12
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