Problems and Prospects of Marketing

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International Journal of Business and Management September, 2009 Problems and Prospects of Marketing in Developing Economies: The Nigerian Experience Sunday O. E. Ewah & Alex B. Ekeng Department of Business Administration, Cross River University of Technology Ogoja Campus, Nigeria Tel: 80-5901-4300 Abstract The study takes a holistic view of some of the problems facing marketing in developing economies, such as low marketing education, preferences for foreign products and low patronage for non-essential products, high cost of production, inadequate infrastructures. Others are few competitive opportunities, excessive government regulations and interference, political instability and civil unrest. Despite these problems, there are…show more content…
187 E-mail: Vol. 4, No. 9 International Journal of Business and Management Developing countries are characterized by high birth and death rates, poor sanitation and health practices, poor housing, a high percentage of the population in agriculture, low per capita income, high rate of illiteracy, weak and uneven feelings of national cohesion, low status rating for women, poor technology, limited communication and transport facilities, predominantly exports of raw materials. Others include political instability, low savings and low net investment, military or feudal domination of state machinery, wealth in the hands of a very few, poor credit facilities, prevalence of non-monetized production, wealth sometimes exported to save in developed countries, civil unrests such as in the Niger Delta in Nigeria, and a host of others (Onah, 1979). Therefore countries with these kinds of peculiarities find it difficult to develop their marketing potentials. There are equally conditions in an economy that favour and compel the full application of marketing activities to achieve the objective of growth and profit, while there are conditions which do not favour, or make nonsense of it (Alatise, 1979). Therefore the essence of this study is to critically look at those immediate problems that inhibit marketing and also visualize those factors that give hope for
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