Problems and Risks of Social Networking throughout the World

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Surging since the creation of Facebook which now has over one billion active users. These social networks are services that allow individuals to create an online profile and create their own group of friends with whom to share a connection. They also allow users to share ideas, pictures/videos, posts, events, activities and their interests with people in their chosen network. There are many different social networks providing the same basic service to anyone who wishes to use them, but also bringing the same problems and risks.

Social networks were made for communication, overcoming barriers like distance; however, it could also be that it is detrimental to communication and reduces basic communication skills. Trends indicate that 47 percent of American adults use a social network. A national survey in 2009 found that 73 percent of online teenagers use social network sites, which is an increase from 55 percent three years earlier. It’s no wonder our real world social lives are seeing some changes. We once used to communicate with a single person by telephone or letter; writing has now become a very social way of communicating although it was once a solitary activity.
Now, with one post we can reach thousands of people. Personal barriers are quickly broken down through the use of social media. There are things people would never tell anyone over the phone or in person, but through Facebook people seem…
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