Problems at Perrier

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Working With Change at Perrier 1 Working With Change at Perrier [no notes on this page] -1- Working With Change at Perrier 2 Working With Change at Perrier Resistance to change is more than just an unwillingness to cooperate and accept implement changes. It involves behavioral and cognitive factors that define how a person feels and what they think about the change. Resistance to change is a common occurrence; however, people also have an understanding of the change and embrace it. The case study Problems at Perrier faces issues of resistance to change and strained relationships. By the end of this short essay we will understand two things about Perrier’s troubles. There will be a clearer definition of the…show more content…
Allowing people to have the opportunity to be involved also increases their knowledge about the situation and allows them to form their [no notes on this page] -3- Working With Change at Perrier 4 own opinions which will not be based just on pure resistance. If they have an understanding then their acceptance or resistance will feel justified. Leadership and motivation can also be high points for management at Perrier. Motivation through education and rewards for increasing productivity could encourage new direction. Conclusion A level of support and education needs to be built into a solid foundation for anyone to understand why change is needed. Managing change demonstrates a variety of elements that are built on an individual’s opinions and justification for resistance. Effective communication, involvement, negotiations and defining self-interest will help management build a flow chart and use that chart for evaluating and justifying the change. Reference [no notes on this page] -4- Working With Change at Perrier 5 Palmer, Ian., Dunford, R., & Akin, G. (2009). Managing Organizational Change (2nd ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill. [no notes on this page]
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