Problems of Gender Inequality for Women in India and Other Countries

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Abstract This paper talks about the problems women in India and other places around the world face in creating women. The major stem of this problem revolves around the gender inequality that still prevails in many countries. Due to less significance given to the working women, the unions made by them don't receive much important either. Provided are some examples of the SEWA and JFJ movements that have made significant changes in the working women in India and America. Introduction The work force has always faced problem in their respective areas regardless of where they are working or what source of work they are doing. A labor union is basically an organization of workers who have together to attain common goals. These goals can be very simple and outright demands such as having better working conditions, increasing the number of workers, increasing pay or protecting the integrity of trade. A self Employed Women's Association was created in Ahmadabad in India in 1972. This union has grown from 30,000 in 1996 to about 318, 527 in 2000. (SEWA, 2000) The function of this trade union is for basically to organize women into cooperatives. It goes on to provide child care, banking, legal aid and vocational teaching to women. (Datta, 2003) Women in India who are self employed go for either the tertiary sector or the agricultural sector. The women make home made products such as pottery or garments or embroidered work. Other than that they go for providing service workers,

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