Problems of Manpower Development in Nigeria.

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THE PROBLEMS AND SOLUTIONS OF MANPOWER DEVELOPMENT IN NIGERIA. Omotosho Fatimah Olamide Department of Economics, University of Lagos INTRODUCTION The development of indigenous manpower to serve as the propelling force for national growth and development is no doubt a key to Nigeria’s socioeconomic and political development. Manpower utilization could be defined as “the existence of skilled and /or unskilled humans that need training or re-training to perform specific task in society”. Thus, manpower development could be seen as organizational specific. This is because it is largely a function of organizational manpower needed or…show more content…
But unfortunately Nigeria manpower planner does not make provision for educating the active population leading to abundance of unskilled workers which could be interpreted as shortage of semi-skilled or skilled workers, or both. Surplus in some skills and shortage in others may also be found. Nigeria as a case study does have surpluses among educated labour simply because the manpower planners did not do their job properly-they only did the part of ‘education’. But the job of the manpower planner is not only educating or training people, but finding suitable employment for them, otherwise they may go to work in jobs which are irrelevant to their skills and this, of course, does mean losses and wastage. So mobilization and utilization of the labour force through reorganizing and reconstructing the supply sources to match the demand is an important step towards manpower utilization. Urbanization Crisis: This is as a result of rural-urban migration and natural population increase. In Nigeria, rural-urban immigration is high because government developmental policies do not give room for even development across the country. Therefore, the high rate of increase creates urban crisis in that economic growth rate in these areas has been much less than the population growth rates, and as a consequence of that number of problems and difficulties have been created. With this high increase immigration to urban areas, much human potential are not fully utilized because of
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