Problems of Municipal Administration in India

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History of Municipal administration in India The earliest evidence of local management of civic administration in India can be traced to Indus Valley civilization (around 2300 B.C) which was essentially an urban civilization. Commenting on the Indus Valley civilization, Golden Childe says “well planned streets and a magnificent system of drains, regularly cleared out; reflect the vigilance of some regular municipal government”. The nature of society and governance at local level underwent a significant change over the changing course of Indian history. It is beyond the scope of this paper to trace the process of this evolution and therefore one move straight to the modern civic administration in urban India. The first municipal…show more content…
Municipal Corporation of India was formed to take care of the requirements and necessities of the various communities like medical centers, educational necessities, along with matters relating to property and housing taxes. The corporation departments work for cities with more than twenty thousand population. It is also known as the “Nagar Nigam”. GUWAHATI MUNICIPAL CORPORATION: Guwahati Municipal Corporation or GMC in short is the local government in Guwahati. GMC was formed in the year 1971 by the Guwahati Municipal Corporation Act, 1969. The Corporation was duly constituted in 1974 in the first meeting of the elected councillors as per provision of Sec.45 of this Act. The Corporation has the following major branches. 1. Conservancy 2. Water Works Tax Division 3. Public Works 4. Building Permission 5. Street light and Electrical Section 6. Municipal Markets 7. Sanitation & Health 8. Veterinary 9. Enforcement 10. Property Tax 11. Mutation Branch 12. Trade Licence 13. Advertisement 14. Slow Moving Vehicle Branch 15. Dead body and night soil removal Branch 16. Poverty alleviation 17. Birth and death registration 18. Garage Branch 19. Accounts Branch For property tax and trade licence purposes, the corporation area is divided into four zones. For Conservancy and Public works, the corporation area is divided into five divisions. Sources of Revenue:
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