Problems of Police in Bangladesh

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Police, agency of a community or government that is responsible for maintaining public order and preventing and detecting crime. It is one of the important agencies within the State territory to maintain peace and security and uphold the internal sovereignty. It is also an important branch of criminal justice with other organs such as courts, prisons, corrections etc. The basic police mission—preserving order by enforcing rules of conduct or laws—was the same in ancient societies as it is in sophisticated urban environments. Crime Detection, discovery, identification, and analysis of criminal evidence are also means of law enforcement. The responsibility of law enforcement agencies is to detect crimes, apprehend the
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Presently 12 battalions of RAB are working throughout the country. Compare to the police RAB members are well trained well paid and well equipped. Despite wide public acceptance their involvement in extra-judicial killings popularly known as cross fire has generated wide controversy among the politicians, members of civil society groups and human rights activists at home and abroad. The U.S.A. based human rights watch report that over the past four years RAB members have killed more than 540 people as of June 2008.

The use of police officer as prosecutor is one of the important feature of our police functions under S. 492-495 of Code Of Criminal Procedure. The government assigns police to conduct the prosecution in the Magistrate Courts. They deal with about %70 of all cases in the country. Usually a police officer at the rank of sub-inspector deals with the prosecution of cases before the court. The officers do not have any law degree or adequate training in prosecution interviews. Police officers suggest that since police investigations the cases so they can plead the cases better than the regular prosecutor to prove charges against the accused.
The most common preliminary step in seeking justice in Bangladesh is to lodge a complaint with a police station or magistrate court within the jurisdiction where the offence allegedly occurred. Complaint lodged with police
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