Problems on the Supermarket Area

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1. INTRODUCTION One of the main reasons research into customer complaints is important is because of competition (Van Horne & Wachowicz, 2000). All Hypermarkets become highly competitive in terms of winning the customers. Hypermarkets which do not get feedback from their customers about their service run the risk of losing them. In addition, if the Hypermarket does not look into this area seriously, the Hypermarket will not have the knowledge to make the necessary changes to their service. To maintain the good reputation for the Hypermarket and the deals between the supplier and the Hypermarket, there is a need to investigate and solve the issue of peculiar taste in frozen lambs sold in the Hypermarket in order to prevent such…show more content…
This means that having a good quality product provides a confirmation to customers that the product they buy are well measured, built and produced. It is important to have a good quality product; this will retain customers on buying that particular product because they trust the product. In relation with the problem faced byt the Hypermarket, the frozen lamb supplied by the branch might be considered as low quality product as it produces peculiar taste. This might due to the condition of the lamb itself, and how it is being run by the staffs. Furthermore, the lamb might be received in unfresh condition, or it has been taken from unreliable sources. Therefore, this report is to ensure that the branch will reevaluate the supplier of the lamb, so that this situation could be prevented in future. Besides, having low quality product will increase company expenses, as customers will keep on returning the product that they bought (Long, Malitz & Abraham, 1993). Consequently, there will be another process of reevaluating the product which demand cost and time. This will somehow decrease the sales of the product and increase the budget for that particular product which in this case, the frozen lamb. Hence, a
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