Problems with Ethnicity and Race in the Classroom

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In today’s British education system there still are significant problems regarding ethnicity and race. The problems include the idea that specific races are not doing as well as their counterparts even though they may be taught in the same way yet there are suggestions to say that the education system is institutionally racist. Can this explain why some races do better than other races? Ethnicity relates to cultural differences that may exist as different social groups, whereas race relates to biological differences such as skin colour, eye shape and hair texture and is seen as a social construct that has little or no scientific justification. Sociologists prefer to use the term ‘race’ as they see it as being more useful for the analysis of different social groups. Certain types of sociologists believe that race impacts a child from achieving in education however others do not. Functionalists believe that we live in a meritocratic society, in a sense that we will do well in education if we work hard however it is argued that there are barriers in education preventing a child from achieving success. The main issues here are why certain races do better in education, what are the macro and micro reasons for differences between races, the statistics on race performance and factors that improve a child’s chances of getting high grades at school.

Marxists believe that the…

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