Problems with Learning Multiplication

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Description of the Problem Third Grade students have a difficult time learning multiplication. Third Graders are expected to know their multiplication problems by memory by the time they move into fourth grade. There seems to be a mental road block by many of the students which makes them feel like multiplication is too challenging to learn. Students are required to pass off each level of facts in a given amount of time. The recall of facts along with trying to recall in a short amount of time is very challenging for many of the students. Multiplication in third grade is not the focus until in the second and third term out of four terms. This gives very little time for the students to be able to master all the multiplication facts. Students feel helpless until they understand the strategies that help them with multiplication. The instructional setting is in a public classroom. The school is a title one school. The classroom consists of 25 students in which each student is given a NEO which is a keyboard with a small screen in which they are able to practice math facts. In the classroom there is the one teacher to the 25 students. There are three additional student computers and one teacher computer. The classroom has whiteboards for individual students and an overhead projector that is hooked up to the teacher’s computer. A. Quantitative Research Scenario Third Grade students are expected to pass off their multiplication facts by the end of the year. All
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