Problems with Teen Pregnancy in Oklahoma Essay

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Oklahoma has been ranked number two in teen birth rates according to a Tulsa World article. Teen pregnancy has always been a problem in America. More and more teens are becoming pregnant every day. Most of them can’t afford the expenses of birth control. Others do not know how to prevent it. Teen pregnancy can also cause education problems with the teen. Teen moms are not mature enough to handle raising a kid. Many kids who have parents who were young when they had them are more than likely going to grow up to be just like their parents. These children and today’s teens need to be educated on how to have a healthy relationship. Oklahoma has found many different ways to get the teen pregnancy rate down. Teen pregnancy is one of the highest…show more content…
The most affective and trusted ones by doctors tend to be the most expensive ones. Jamie Oberg in a news article called “Teen Pregnancy Problem Plaguing Oklahoma” on Oklahoma’s Own said, “To have such a high birth rate in Oklahoma we feel is unacceptable when we know teen pregnancy is 100 percent preventable.” Teen birth rate can be prevented, but that can only happen if birth control is free. When birth control becomes free, teens will start using it making the birth rate tremendously drop. Therefore their needs to be an option for free birth control. A massive study that recently ended showed that giving out free birth control led to lower rates of not only abortions but also teen births. The findings of this experiment were greatly expected. A policy in Obama Care is ready to offer a similar protection (“Study: Free Birth Control”). The significance of this is that given the option, women will choose the most effective birth control and take advantage of it being free. Rather birth control is free or not, more and more teenagers are starting to take caution because of the programs being offered at school about protected sex. Teenagers have little awareness about how to prevent becoming pregnant. In a news article by Daniel Armbuster, he said, “It’s all about healthy relationships. That’s where we fail our kids is teaching them how to have a healthy relationship. In other words, teenagers have not heard anything about how to prevent teen pregnancy. Their

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