Problems with the Death Penalty Essay

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Problems with the Death Penalty

To begin with, I will be telling you information that shows that the death

penalty is unfair, cruel, and very wasteful. To start with, I will prove to you how

poor people are not getting the correct representation they deserve. Nextly, I will

tell you about how the innocent have been accused of horrible crimes they didn't

commit and even in some cases how they were almost killed and how some have been

killed. Finally, I will show you how the death penalty is a waste of money and how

the money could be being used in a more positive manner. Firstly, when you think of capital punishment attorneys you probably think

about the image of the O.J. Simpson trial with his
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Also, a survey was done in 1991 and it showed that fourty

percent of countries that have populations exceeding 100,000 people face major

budgetary problems. All of them have been forced to cut resources required for

equal justice to prevail. Even Supreme Court justices say "There probably has

never been a wider gulf between the need for legal services and the provision of

those services. There is a great deal to be concerned about, or even ashamed of,"

stated Justice O'Connor. Others with in adequate counsels have already been

exucuted or remain on death row. Far too often, people mostly poor, are given the

death penalty not because they commited the worst crimes, but because they had the

worst lawyers. In addition, I will now tell you a story that truely shows how poorly

the defense lawyers are.

Lloyd Schlup was accused of murder. His attorney did nothing to prepare

for trial, his attorney assumed that the case would be thrown out beforehand. But

when the case was announced for trial it was too late for him to prepare. Llyod's

defense attorney was appointed to him by the judge. His attorney put on no defense.

Despite the enormous amount of evidence that would prove him innocent, this

included a video tape and eyewitnesses proving that he was nowhere near the scene

of crime. His attorney never enterviewed any of

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