Problems with the Japanese Whaling Industry

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The Japanese whaling industry has thrived and flourished since its origin. The Japanese have depended on whales such as the blue, fin, sei, and humpback whales. The issue at hand is that the demand for whale products and byproducts is so large that the numbers of these types of whales has declined to near extinction levels. Without any care to the harm being done, the Japanese whaling industry has not shown any sign of remorse towards this actions little has been done by the international community’s to put an end to the elimination of these large and peaceful creatures. There have been small groups of anti- whaling conservation. The groups have had many victories along the way by using their non- traditional methods and sometimes generating violent tension between them and the whaling ships while in international waters.
This topic has generated research and observation in order to understand both sides of the whaling industry in Japan. First must take a look to the history and background of the topic. The oldest Japanese book in existence, called the Kojiki, chronicled that the Emperor Jimmu, the first emperor of Japan, ate whale meat (History of Japanese Whaling, 2013). Due to over 1,000 years of whaling in Japan, It has not been an easy task for the Japanese people to ease up on this addiction to whale products. For centuries this industry has remained strong until recently attacks by conservation groups. The international community has created the

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