Proc 5820 Operations Management

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As a Compass manufacturing company the organizational chart is very simplified. The positions are depicted down to the manger level. The executive vice president reports directly to the chief executive officer of Firebird Compass Tech. The marketing department manages customer demands. They also generate future sales and manage partnership technology initiatives for future projects within the navigation industry. The operations department manages people, schedules, equipment, technology, materials and information. Planning and scheduling production for each month was determined by operations management. The timing of packaging and delivering was forecasted and pushed through the information process internally to the packaging…show more content…
As the compass progresses along the assembly line, plastic components are snapped together. Some plastic components move through printers, which stamp them with markings such as the company logo, or with scale markings for use with maps. This could cause the throughput to slow down if defected parts are discovered. The Firebird Manufacturing facility is spread over 130,000 square feet and has a capacity for producing over six million compasses each year. Firebird Compass matches production capability to customer orders. The continuous analysis done weekly on the resources in the plant is compared to meet the demand of the product so our obligations are fulfilled. Firebird employs short term fixes to any imperfections in balance by hiring extra workers during a heavy production cycle, plan a third shift for continuous operations, approve overtime at the worker level and sub-contract if necessary.

Production planning at Firebird is a key essential task with complimenting sub tasks requiring the managers input for a successful operation. At Firebird modulating capacity is accomplished by additional overtime and increasing the part time employees hired for the additional production needed. Firebird has the capacity to meet the demands of the compasses that are ordered at frequent peaks during the year. Firebird can achieve this demand with inventory buffers in the supply chain. By keeping an

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