Procedural Programming And Object Oriented Programming

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Procedural Programming which has been referred to as inline programming takes a more top down approach to solving problems. When a program starts with a problem then that problem is broken down into smaller sub-problems or sub-procedures. These sub-problems are further broken down until they get simple enough to be solved. The demerit with procedural programming is that if an edit is needed to the program, we have to edit every line of it that corresponds to the original change in the code. For example, a variable was set equal to 1 and if other sub-procedures of the program rely on that variable to function
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4. Problems in procedural programming need to be individually addressed as the program is executed whereas in object-oriented programming objects and classes can be referenced throughout the program.

System engineering principles and techniques such as model building, simulation, estimation, and measurement are used to build software products through the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). The software development life cycle is a stepwise and systematic process where each step depends on the successful completion of the previous step all arranged in a sequential order. It can be observed that the maintenance of software is 60% of overall cost, whereas all the other costs are only 40%. High maintenance costs are because of poor reuse of software components which is a critical factor in system development. Hence, maintenance is an important factor to be considered in the software development process. Also, earlier programming languages did not support reuse because of the dependence of the program on its environment. Thus, Software maintenance and Software reuse are the two major problems that demanded a new programming approach. The software required for advanced applications are very complex and evolving and developing them is an equally challenging task. The complexity of software requires a programming methodology that should have the
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