Procedural Programming And Object Oriented Programming

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Procedural Programming which has been referred to as inline programming takes a more top down approach to solving problems. When a program starts with a problem then that problem is broken down into smaller sub-problems or sub-procedures. These sub-problems are further broken down until they get simple enough to be solved. The demerit with procedural programming is that if an edit is needed to the program, we have to edit every line of it that corresponds to the original change in the code. For example, a variable was set equal to 1 and if other sub-procedures of the program rely on that variable to function properly they will also need to be changed or edited. As some more changes may be required by the code, it becomes difficult to locate and edit all related elements in the program. PROCEDURAL PROGRAMMING AND OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING
1. Procedural programming uses a top down approach to write an application and is without the idea of recycling code while an object-oriented programming has bottom-up approach and create programs that can reuse classes.
2. Procedural programming focuses on execution of the code rather than classes or objects that need to be used with functions and methods.
3. Planning in procedural programming applications is more like a story format making the development process simpler but also more time consuming. Object…
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