Procedures And The Afterlife, Ancient Egypt

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William Leaver
Ruth Wollersheim
Humanities 1025, Sec. 1
Final Art Essay

Funerary Procedures and the Afterlife, of Ancient Egypt

In this paper I will plan to discuss in detail the funerary procedures that were used in ancient Egypt. I will pay particular attention as to how the Idea of the afterlife influenced many of the traditions in ancient Egypt that we now think of today. In surveying their beliefs on the afterlife we will begin to get a better picture as to how these ideas affected almost all aspects of their ancient culture, and indeed had impacts on neighboring cultures. I will take a look at what aspects of their religious mythology lead them to these traditions and why its observation was so key to their society.
I will then approach much of this essay through the lens of Humanities. We will look at a couple of artifacts, and architecture that show us the about of craftsmanship and detail needed to continue their quest to the afterlife. We will look at how these beliefs shaped everything from their stunning architecture, which has inspired cultures for thousands of years, to the mummification of the royalty and the priest.
I believe that understanding this material will allow us to better understand the motivations of the people who lived through this time. It will allow us to understand what motivated these people to achieve so much in their time. It is through this study into humanities that the ancient Egyptians go from being a mysterious culture
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