Procedures For Checking Health, Security And Identity

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Once admitted to the territory, what are the procedure for checking health, security and identity? Is there detention? Is it judicially reviewable?
Once entering Canada, each claimant has to be interviewed by a representative of the Canadian Citizenship and Immigration department. The applicant fulfills a form with the overview of the issues relating to identity, travel documents, education, employment history, date of birth, family members, marital status, criminal record, route to Canada, previous refugee claims etc.
The data evaluated during the review of the application would assist the Immigration Department during the determination of the particular individual’s ability to be eligible for the protection under the Refugee Protection
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The Federal Court allows for the application for “judicial review of the removal order and the decision of the Immigration officer regarding eligibility”. If the application reviewing officer has any concerns regarding the claimant, and determines that the applicant is not eligible for the refugee status based on one of the four key grounds mentioned above – the case is most likely to be appealed through the court.
During the trial each individual will have the opportunity to clarify any specific information and give more precise and clear reasons for the purpose of immigration, with no right to further appeal the final order issued by the Federal Court. In case the appeal goes well, then there is a hearing before the Trial Division of the Federal Court.
Furthermore, specific groups of the applicants who were determined ineligible by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) may be reviewed by the Immigration Division, however only due to the request issued by the CIC department.
After the review process, if the claimant has been determined to be eligible for the referral under the Refugee Protection Plan – he/she will gain access to the government-provided benefits, such as:
• Healthcare
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