Proceed-Precede Model

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The PRECEDE-PROCEED model is a medical model that moves away from the typical issue of disease treatment and focuses on health promotion. Developed by Lawrence W. Green, this model has been applied in many Western countries in the improvement of health. PRECEDE (Predisposing, Reinforcing, and Enabling Constructs in Educational Diagnosis and Evaluation) is the part of the model that helps in the development of various public health initiatives and programs. PROCEED (Policy, Regulatory, and Organizational Constructs in Educational and Environmental Development), on the other hand, serves as a guide to the effective implementation of the various programs that are created using PRECEDE. With regards to using the PRECEDE-PROCEED model in…show more content…
Next is the educational and ecological assessment phase where the reinforcing (e.g. family culture, relationships), enabling (e.g. motivators, talents of the children), and predisposing (e.g. religious beliefs, preferences of parents) factors that affect the lifestyle of the families are examined to further determine what the appropriate educational program should be. The fifth phase is known as the administrative and policy assessment phase and involves determining which health promotion programs would best address the needs that have already been identified in the previous phases and bring about the desired changes in behaviors and factors already identified. The PROCEED part of the model begins at phase six which is the implementation phase where the interventions that are agreed upon at stage five are put into action. In this case, this could be a class for school-aged children and their parents, a continuous program for children alone, or even an on-going event for the parents. Whatever the choice of educational program it is, it is important to note that phases one through five must be taken into full consideration to ensure that no needs or issues are left unaddressed when the program is finally implemented. Once implementation of the educational program is completed, the next phase is the process evaluation phase. The program process is evaluated to determine what went right in the whole process, what went wrong, and what needs to be
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