Process Analysis For Verizon 's Customer Service

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Less hassle and additional assistance when they are chatting or calling Verizon’s customer service department- This is one added process that should never be considered a gap or omission in any business setting, especially customer service. However, it happens on a daily basis where a customer contacts our call center and simply wants to upgrade their devices or plans, then are not able to do either one for various reasons. Such as, not having their devices or plans long enough, being late on a payment, then still being required to pay the late fees, or the system will not permit the agent to make any changes for countless unknown reasons. These issues tend to stress the customers out and force them to submit negative reviews on social media or other outlets, too include a survey if they’re lucky. A. Process Analysis: The process analysis for this project will include a step by step breakdown of the process phases. These phases will be used to convey the needed inputs and outputs of the operations in order to improve the overall process. This operation will also help improve the current situations which is plaguing Verizon. For instance, shortening hold and help times, organizing the website and phone menus, offering surveys for everyone, and enhancing customer service practices. This will also help remove any superfluous waste thus increasing the overall effectiveness within the process. This process will also include specific issues, internal and external impacts,
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