Process Capability

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This could be a manufactured product or service, and the measurable property is called process capability. This is sometimes known as process capability indexing, process performance, or process measurement. Each, though, has two parts: 1) To measure the variability of the output of a process, and 2) To compare that variability with standardized benchmarks, specifications, or product tolerances. Of course, the bottom line for measurement is to improve the process and the ratio approach uses a set of numerical values to keep the product or service within tolerance levels (Relyea, 2011).
In any venue, measurement must be tied to something specific it is not enough to simply measure as a means to an end, but rather the measurement must mean something to the end result, the production method, or the service quality. Essentially, if we do not measure something effectively, we cannot improve it. The reasons for measuring are varied, but may be noted as:
Program effectiveness
Decision making
Setting goals and objectives
Recognize good or great performance
Interceed in time with poor or negligible performance
To inform stakeholders
To hold x accountable for y
To control and allocate resources
To motivate and promote
To establish what is vital from what is important from what is interesting
To celebrate, learn, and move forward
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