Process Charts And Flow Diagrams Essay

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Process charts and flow diagrams can be used to analyze construction process. The charts and flow diagram consist of standardized symbols, which helps to quickly identify the area of problem. There are six basic standardized symbol which are as follows: Table 2: Basic Graphic Symbol Source: Proceeding IGLC-7 The flow chart represents each step of the construction. It also represents the flow within the departments and between the departments. Flow process chart can be made by the flow diagram. After identifying the problem from the chart and the diagram, problem can be eliminated by changing sequence steps, adding or removing steps or changing the step location wherever possible. Table 3 illustrate the example of flow process chart. Table 3: Flow process chart example before process improvement Source: Proceeding IGLC-7 Table 3: Flow process chart example before after improvement Site implementation and assessment of lean construction techniques The current practices in the construction industry has the similar objectives as of the lean techniques which is meeting customer need and reducing waste. However, lean technique is based on the production management. One of the major limitation to implementation of lean technique in construction in US is lack of research budget for the construction. There are various tools which are still not tested. Some of the tools which are tested are as follows: 1. Last Planner system (LPS): LPS is a technique which define workflow and

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