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Process Design Matrix- Executive Summary OPS/571 February 15, 2016 Teresa N. Banks Process Design Matrix & Summary The product design of Mary Kay focuses on the product life cycle, but a service design focuses on the services provided and customer experiences. The production process, when manufacturing a product, it must go through several stages of the product life cycle. The difference in a product and service design is putting the focus on people instead of the thing. The service process focuses on how well the company production system works Mary Kay Products Design focal Point: The need for qualified products helps show customers they are getting a safe product to better their life. Mary Kay is a large company…show more content…
Quality: Mary Kay has several self-service approaches, such as place orders online for faster service, choose a method of delivery and method of payment. Mary Kay receives the order from a customer, processing delivers to warehouse for product and packaging, warehouse delivers to shipping company, and the shipping company delivers to the customer. Process Design Matrix Process Design Aspect | Mary Kay (Service) | Mary Kay (Product) | Design focal point | Customer satisfaction, reliable service | Quality Products, variety, income possibilities | Strategy | Speedy delivery, personal attention to each customers | Continuous production sales | Process design approach | Easy access to online ordering, high customer attention, one on one service | Stay upon competitors and offer competitive products | Process map | Clearly defined by a process flow chart | Process Flow Chart & engineering specs. | Process Performance Measurement | Cycle time fom beginning of customer contact to the end. | Production cycle, continous flow, and quality, assembly line production | Factory location | Close to customers approach | Shipped from Dallas, TX to multiple areas. | Facility layout | Based on the consultant. | Main focus is product efficiency | Process design | Process design target will effect the customers directly | Customers are not involved only in the beginning stages. | Scheduling | Flexible hours

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