Process Encouraging The Mentee Help Bring Together Their Perceptions, Reasoning, Emotions, And Inclusion

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The next step is to embed this process encouraging the mentee to bring together their perceptions, reasoning, emotions and aligning this to their goals. This is itself can pose a trap (Kets de Vries and Korotov 2007) for mentees if they have not integrated a critical learning approach to their complex problem solving situations. If they have not, then the outcome is nothing better than surface learning characterised by double loop learning where they become puzzled and wedged between different viewpoints, assumptions and conflict. Things become “undiscussible” (that is not up for discussion either implicitly or explicitly) enforcing one or other to suppress their voice, to silence them and to feel intimidated. The mentor through the mentoring process assists mentees question their repeated thoughts and actions so that they can untangle themselves from this self-defeating spiral. Avoiding or ignoring it will not resolve this problem. A dynamic reflective process between mentee and mentor establishes a framework for deep learning, assisting the mentee to making sense of their challenges, which ultimately provides greater insights regarding their intra and interpersonal conflicts.
Resilient mentoring is aimed at critical and flexible learning and is an advantage for mentees in that it provides them with a process for delving into issues and problems that they encounter. The process allows mentees to foster within them an approach to change their
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