Process Enpcompassing Goals, Values, and Efficiency that Leads to Successful Business

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In a professional environment to have an established process that encompasses goals, values, and efficiency. A business outlines concrete procedures on how their employees should act and complete tasks. The organization of these procedures creates the Process that resonates throughout all employees and operations. It involves key elements that are unique but are universal to successful businesses. Customer Service involves many facets and is incorporated in all areas of business. If you’re a profitable business, such as Infosys BPO Limited, you understand the value of excellent customer service in all functions of society. Our company believes that customer service is not a department or separate entity, but “a way of life”. It…show more content…
This particular function is a crucial factor in clear long distance communication. Telephone Etiquette in today’s fast-paced business world, telephone communication is more important than ever. With expansive use of cell phones, business is conducted 24/7 and the phone has become a lifeline. When you learn how to communicate properly by phone, both in your personal and business life, you will find that people will treat you with more respect. Every business should have a process in place for workers who deal with customers over the phone. This process should be emphasized, measured, and adhered to. Following these basic rules will set our organization apart from the rest. Below is a visual aid to help employees learn tips on professional speaking over the phone. Process Quality is a measure of interrelated work items (such as tasks, procedures, steps). The measurement indicates whether a given process is carried out with tolerant defects, and insignificant variations. Higher quality of a process means that the components are successfully built and sustained to fulfill the needs and requirements of the customer. Process quality is monitored and managed by undertaking a range of control and assurance activities. The primary goal of these activities is to reduce variations of a targeted process and its components. In order to implement a process there should be a quality enagement plan created to assess, anticipate and
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