Process Essay About How To Play Soccer

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How can someone become a professional soccer player? To become a professional soccer player the players must follow the rules. There are many types of clothing in soccer. All the players must stay on their own positions if they don’t then the game won’t go correctly. Soccer is really difficult to play because it has many positions, rules, and types of clothing. How many rules are there to play the game soccer? First, the players cannot touch the ball with their hands if they are not the goal keeper. Second rule, the player must stay in his own position to play the game. Third rule is that the person cannot tackle the other person, but he could tackle the ball only. Also, if the person tackles from the back of the other person then he will get a red card which means that he is out of the game. When the player is trying to throw the ball to his teammate, he has to keep his hands behind his back. After all the players follow the rules then they could play for the team. There are many types of clothing in soccer. All players in the soccer team must have the same type of clothing while they are playing in the game. Also they have to have the same color to play the game. The players do not have to have the same clothing while there are…show more content…
This is soccer, the most popular game that major of the teenagres like even if itś difficult to play. In soccer the players have to follow certain rules so the players can play. For, example, the player can´t touch the ball with his hands. All soccer players that are in the same team must wear the same color, and type of clothes, except the goalkeeper. Also, the players must play in their position that the coach told them to be in. Like, the defenders must be back with the goalie to defend the net. Soccer is not an easy game to play, and most of the players have mistakes during the game because they cannot control themselves so they do
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