Process Essay: How To Be A Baseball Player

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Have you ever seen how a pitcher winds up? Do you want to be the star of your team? Has the wind up ever confused you? Well if you have here is how to do it. If you dont have these thing and have n

Step one- Get appropriate equipment such as baseball(s),baseball field,baseball glove that fits on your hand (none dominate), a person to catch for you (optional) if you do have someone catching be safe and wear proper catchers gear if possible.

Step two- Stretch… Do these stretches shown below.
And do any other stretches you know of that feel necessary.

Step three- Go to the baseball diamond and you’ll see an area in the middle of the infield where there is little to no grass.

Step three-grab the equipment as said in step one. Once you have everything and are on the mound then took around and you see a home plate shown below on the left. If you have a catcher then get them to go behind the plate facing you as you’re facing them and have them to get down like shown in the picture on the right. …show more content…

Where ever you feel comfortable. After that then you get your grip, there are a lot of grips out there that do certain things to trick the batter like curveball,knuckleball,slider,sinker,changeup,four seam and many more.Then you start your wind up, first you bring your leg that is on the opposite side of you dominate a hand back about one foot and be looking at your target (the catcher's glove) the whole time as you turn your other leg toward third base or first (depending on what you dominant hand is if you're right handed then you turn your foot to third if you're left handed you foot points towards first .if you want you can bring your clove above your head and always have your hand with the ball inside of the clove unless you are throwing it at the

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