Process Essay: My Crown Quality Strengths

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I have many hairbrushes in my arsenal my favorite is my Crown Quality brush because of its nice unique and vibrant design. Also it gives me faster results compared to my other hairbrushes because of the curve installed into the brush. Plus, it’s a high quality brand my crown quality brush is very important.
I believe my Crown Quality brush is important because it crafts my hair into art. Not everyone can’t have the same style but something similar. This work of art is called waves they are very hard to achieve. You have to be patience, be determined and motivated they look really nice, and they’re different. It makes you stand out. I receive compliments all the time, and it makes me feel great.
My crown quality is essential because without my brush my hair would be a mess. I would
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I’ve had my crown quality going on 8 months it’s a very important key/step to achieving my 360 swirl wave pattern the more you brush, the more waves you can achieve.
My crown quality brush is a high quality brush this specific brand has not been around for a long time there the new kid on the block, it was made to work more efficiently than everyday brushes. They have wider lager bristles and the curve on the brush is vital for getting an evenly brush head. It’s supposed to improve your connections and make brushing easier. But it comes with a price. For example, it’s the Louis Vuitton of purse’s but for brushes. It’s not a necessity, any brush can do the job, but it just makes it easier and is a want not a need.
In conclusion, my crown quality brush is important to me significantly I use it every day and everyday I’m getting closer and closer to completing my wave pattern I don’t know what I would do without it in my arsenal. because of this brush I’ve learned things and still continue to learn more each day. It’s my paintbrush and my hair is the masterpiece, it’s one of a kind just like
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