Process Essay On How To End A Relationship Analysis

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Ending a relationship is never an easy thing to do, nor is it an easy situation to be in. When we realize that some relationships, (whether it's a relationship with a friend or a partner) is not working out in our favor, this is the time for our relationship to come to a close. To end a relationship we need to do so with no regrets and no hesitation. We need to end this connection without hate for one another.

Often times when we try to end a relationship, we end up causing more damage than what we mean to. We often cause pain of conflict in the other person's lives even though we don't intend to do so. This can sometimes never be avoided but here are some easy steps to start out with ending a relationship in a more simpler and better way.

When ending a relationship you want to start by being alone, away from distractions and in a quiet place. This will give the situation more clarity and be taken more seriously. After doing so you want to start calmly, but also proudly. Don’t
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First, we should be calm, don’t panic. Also don’t hesitate to state what you are feeling but also don’t be too harsh. Remember, this is going to be a hard accepting process for them. Secondly, don’t procrastinate on opening up to the other person, this will only cause more pain to occur in the end. Third, just be honest with them, they will understand the situation a lot more if you explain your point of view. This will also help them with the coping process. Lastly, Have compassion for the other person as they are going through this time in their life, you never know what they may be thinking or feeling at this time.

Now you have what it takes to end a relationship of your own. Remember all the steps and also don’t forget that the other person is only human, they have feelings too. When ending a relationship you must be brave, have compassion, be proud and lastly, reassure yourself why you are doing this, what is the
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