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How to win With each new football season comes a new fantast football season. New senses of hope and joy that this could be the year that you win it all start to set in. The preparation for the draft is as important as the draft itself. The first step to creating a successful fantasy team is to join a league well before the season. This is important because without joining a league it is impossible to make a winning team. Danny joined his league three weeks before his draft date, which will give him ample time to prepare for it. After joining a league the next step is to learn the rules of the league so planning who to draft becomes specified. The rules of the league determine the size of the roster along with the points that are…show more content…
It is also important to change the lineup every week to maximize projected points for the team because the higher the projected points are the more likely the actual points will be high. In Fig. 1 the lineup is shown for the week and it shows the projected points in the top right and the actual points just below it. Also in Fig. 1 is the points each player earned and the stats they earned them for. This is important because a player can become hot or go into a slump. When a player is hot it is important to keep him in the lineup, but when a player is in a slump it is important to decide whether to keep him in or to switch him for a backup player who is performing. On Danny’s team his star running back was in a slump but Danny determined it was because the teams his running back was facing were teams that did not give up many points to running backs so he decided to leave him in for the next
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