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tennis is a sport that you can play for your whole life. In this essay it will explain how to play tennis, starting with the very basics: From how to pick out your first tennis racquet, to understanding the objective of the game, to knowing the grip names, their purpose, and the best one for you; to learning the basic tennis strokes, and the scoring. These skills will teach you how to be successful and enjoy the game of tennis.
First, before you can start learning how to play you will need to choose a racquet. Depending on whom the racquet is for and what style of tennis you want to play will determine your choice in a racquet. If you a choosing racquet for a child, the age of the child will help guide you in which racquet to choose. If the child is between the ages of 3 to 5 years old the recommended racquet size is 17 inches, if the child is 6 to 8 years old the
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A tennis match is three sets and the first person to win two out of the three sets wins. If you each win one set, you play a deciding third set. A set is made up of six games. Also, if a person is up 6-5, that person must win by two games. If the set is tied 6-6, the game goes to a tiebreaker. A game is made up of four points: “love” (or zero), 15, 30,40, and then game point. You win points by hitting a winner or by errors by your opponent or vice versa. Before serving, announce the score. Ex: 15- love, 30-30, or 40-40(also known as deuce.). If you win are the server and win the point: say: “ad in.” If you are the returner and win the point say: “ad out.” The next point won whether you are leading as the server or returner wins the game. You have two chances to put your serve into the service box, if your first serve misses. After each service game, you must switch from the advantage side to the deuce side of the court. For every odd numbered game you and your opponent switch sides on the court. Ex: after game one, three, and
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