Process Essay: The Makeup Of The Shoulder

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The shoulder remains an oft injured part of the body, and injuries range from mild to severe. Separated shoulders often occur as a result of a fall, and car accidents at high speeds may lead to the collarbone or shoulder blade being fractured. In fact, this part of the body continues to be one of the most frequently injured, with most individuals injuring one or more parts of the shoulder during their lifetime.
The Makeup Of The Shoulder
The shoulder consists of three separate bones: the scapula or shoulder blade, the clavicle or collarbone and the humerus or arm bone. Most people only associate the shoulder blade with the shoulder, yet all three parts work together to ensure proper functioning, and the shoulder also contains tissues to ensure the joint works as intended. This includes muscles, tendons,
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When they have not shifted, no surgery will be needed. If they have, however, pins or plates and screws will be used to move them back to the proper position and, in severe cases, a shoulder replacement may be required.
Shoulder Blade Fracture Symptoms
When the shoulder blade sustains a fracture, pain and swelling are commonly reported. Another sign of a fracture in this area is severe bruising. Individuals cannot assume the bruising means the shoulder is simply injured. It must be checked to determine if there is an actual break.
For the majority of shoulder blade or scapula fractures, the shoulder heals with nothing more than immobilization using a shoulder immobilizer or sling, the application of ice and the dispensing of pain medications. Nevertheless, 10 to 20 percent of patients do require surgery, and this typically happens when the shoulder joint is affected or the shoulder blade and collarbone are both broken. The fracture fragments are then fixed using screws and plates.
Recovery From A Shoulder
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