Process Essay: The Mindet Of An Actor

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The mindset of an actor.
Have you ever given much thought as to how an actor plays a role? From the moment they read a script, can they envision themselves doing justice to the character they’ve been bestowed upon? How does one fathom what it would be like to be someone else, acquire their traits, understand their thoughts, live their life? These are some of the questions that popped into my head when I auditioned for a play and ironically got the part, seeing as how I wasn’t even supposed to be there for the casting. You’d be surprised what life will throw your way, especially when you’re not looking.
Now this wasn’t one of your sought after, high production budget plays. Hell, we didn’t even know if we had a director. The script was put together by an aspiring play write who was straight out of college, desperate to make something of his life. I got the part and now, had no idea what do to with it. The first thought that came to mind was to give up. Just give the part up to a person who knew what they were doing. But that got me thinking, what exactly do actors do to prepare for a role? And that’s where my search begun. For the next week, I was determined to understand
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The accent in which they speak, the hand gestures they use and manner in which they laugh. Interesting fact, Heath Ledger locked himself up in a hotel room in London to prepare for his role as Joker in “The Dark Knight.” He wrote in a diary as Joker and experimented with voices and laughs until he developed the perfect inflection for the character. Some people think that playing the mad character may have actually contributed to his death. Most actors will try to do the accent that their character calls for. After all, it would have been weird seeing Meryl Streep play Margaret Thatcher in an American accent. It is even harder if the character being portrayed is based on a true-to-life person, as viewers can compare the accent and manner of
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