Process Essay: The Way I See Heroism

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The Way I See Heroism Imagine if you were in a world full of villains without superheroes. Life would be out of control. There would be no order. However, in my mind a true hero is someone who is a role model, someone with good character, and a positive person that others admire and imitate their actions. In other words, heroes are people with good character, strong role models, and people with positive outlooks.
To begin, a true hero is devoted to their cause. To clarify, this trait means sticking to a task no matter what or being totally committed. For example, in the informational article “Wounded Vets Do the Impossible by 60 Minutes on CBS News, some of America’s most severely wounded veterans use their hearts and minds to summit some of the world’s tallest mountains. Corporal Kionte Storey, a veteran who lost his leg in Afghanistan, said, “Going through my injury, I lost myself you hit a suicidal plateau and getting to the top of that mountain, I felt like I found who I actually was, who I am
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In other words, heros help whenever they can, not when they feel like it. As evidence of this, The online video, A Life Lesson from a Volunteer Firefighter by Mark Bezos, Mark says, “The captain waved me over. He said, “ bezos, I need you to go into the house. I need you to go upstairs, past the fire, and I need you to get this woman a pair of shoes. I swear. so, not exactly what I was hoping for, but off I went”(1)... As a result of this simple act The same woman wrote a letter to the fire station saying thank you for saving her house but the act of kindness she noted above all others is someone had even on her a pair of shoes.In the end Mark said and I quote, “don't wait until you make your first million to make a difference in somebody's life. If you have something to give, give it now”(1). So as you can i don’t think Heroes need to Actually have powers. but I urge you to be someone's hero and do what you can to help
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