To Be A Good Writer

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Abagail DiFeo
What does it mean to be a good writer? Is being a good writer something that just comes naturally to certain people? Or is being a good writer something that must be taught or learned? Personally, I feel that to be a good writer you have to really be able to think and understand what you are writing about and who you are writing for. There are many different styles of writing. Some authors write very literal and do not try to relate to their audience. Other authors write to relate and try to get their audiences to understand what it is that they are writing about.
Writers while writing may form some type of process to gather ideas or organize their thoughts into cohesive text. Once given either an idea or a prompt one must think about how they will go about writing. To develop strong writing time must be taken to outline ideas, write drafts, submit revisions, and be happy with the finished product. Every writer will have their own ways of handling their
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It is very important for the writer to outline their ideas and to have very specific outcomes. When writing to inform a good writer must be well educated in their topics and can not afford to not do their research.
Imagination is something good writers have when writing creative fiction or descriptive text. Writers who are able to take their audience on a journey by only using their words are some of the best writers, in my opinion. The ability to have the audience see clearly what the author wants them to see is a talent that not many have.
When writing a persuasive piece good writers are able to invoke strong feelings through their text. Trying to convince someone of something is hard enough to do in person, but to be able to persuade someone through words alone is a strong writers talent. Good writers are able to capture your attention and keep it throughout the entire
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