Process Essay: Why I Believe In Law School

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You have long dreamt of the day when you will join hundreds of justice defenders all over the world to fight for what you believe is right. Law School is the factory and LSAT is the big bad wolf that wants to prevent you from realizing those dreams.

Certainly not true, the Law School Admission Test is definitely not a walk in the park but it is also not an impossible task as some have led you to believe. The vast number of practicing lawyers is proof enough that it is possible to get it done right.

Experience is a good teacher and that is why l will share some golden advice given to me by those who have scored well on the test and gone ahead to become great advocates of this nation.

Familiarizing yourself with the paper

The test is almost four hours long and consists of a total of five sections. They include; two logical reasoning
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Mastering section content

This simply means you get to have power over them instead of the other way round, and that my friend is your 1st step to success.

All segments except the essay have 24 to 28 questions with the writing area being the opportunity to express your desire to join a particular school as a law student. Though unscored, it is used to gauge your writing skills. An important trait of every lawyer.

Below is an overview of each.

1. Logical Reasoning

This area counts for half of your final score and it tests your ability to understand and carefully analyze the arguments presented.

The LSAT logical reasoning bible comes highly recommended as a guide tool.

2. Analytical Reasoning

Here you will find logic games, four to be precise. The only way to ensure success is by doing them as many times as possible during your LSAT prep time.

The logic games bible will help you know what to expect and how to prepare. Most importantly, review each test to find out how to improve on the questions you did not score.

3. Reading
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