Process Essay: Working On The Hill

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There are many skills one must obtain when working on the hill. Having superb writing skills is critical. Writing, specifically on behalf of someone else is a difficult task, because you have to think, interpret, and write in a tone that Harry Reid would himself. Written content on behalf of the elected official must be presented clearly and professionally. The reader will gain an impression of the elected official based off of how well they write. If the concept is written in a confusing way the message will fail to get across. Pieces such as congressional statements, press releases, and constituent letters must be written with precision given that if there are multiple spelling and grammar errors it will come off as if the elected official is uneducated. May it be on behalf of an elected official, or as simple as writing an email to a coworker, poor writing skills create bad impressions and result in negative reactions.
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Being able to present research and ideas is imperative for having an impact within an office. Without being able to effectively demonstrate your information, the research is pointless. In a meeting your ideas can not be heard without communication. Considering nobody wants to hear somebody ramble on in a monotone voice for an extended period of time, it helps to be engaging and ecstatic when present keeping people intrigued. A speaker needs to be able to convince somebody of their idea and they can’t do that if they put them to sleep. In the office, many positions serve as a liaison between the elected official and their constituents. When interacting with constituents, it is critical to be attentive. If the constituent feels as if you are simply hearing their concern rather than listening, they may feel a disconnect between themself and the elected official. Communication is the most important skill needed when working on the
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